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The only place to go for facials. I instantly look better after treatments. Kris, is a miracle worker.

(Anonymous, 915 days ago)

Wonderful experience very gracious and professional

(Anonymous, 931 days ago)

I've been a receiving monthly facials with Kris for 2 years and boy has my skin improved! Last week I saw my dermatologist for my annual exam and he said " wow your face and upper chest look amazing, the skin is in excellent condition! Thanks Kris!

(Lisa F., 949 days ago)

One of the best facials I have ever received. Very relaxing, and my skin looked great "out the door." I will definitely book another appointment soon!

(Anonymous, 964 days ago)

(Anonymous, 967 days ago)

Best facial I've had in a long time! In addition to this, the skin advice from Kris was amazing. For the last 18-24 months, my skin has been uncharacteristically blemished. Nothing I have tried has helped clear it up. On my first visit with Kris she identified the problem as diet based. After a full overhaul of my diet, 2 weeks on, my skin has cleared up significantly. It's on it's way back to being as clear and smooth as it used to be. I'm still stunned that after almost 2 years that's all I needed to do. I'm pleased to have come across Kris!!

(Natasha D., 1,055 days ago)

I had the most relaxing facial with obvious results. My skin was steamed, extracted, rubbed with gorgeous products and massaged into a better version of itself. I live in NY and this facial was better than any facial that I've had in years. I'm already looking forward to next time.

(Claire H., 1,064 days ago)

I loved my massage and would definitely come back again.

(Anonymous, 1,067 days ago)

I enjoyed my facial very much. The location, products and Kris's soothing touch made it a very relaxing experience. Best of all, my skin looked radiant and smooth afterwards! Kris knows her products, and understood my skin and what it needed. I will definitely be back!

(Anonymous, 1,069 days ago)

(Anonymous, 1,201 days ago)

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