Have you been feeding your face?

I know that no skin care products can take the place of what you are putting in your belly. This is where healthy, glowing skin begins. At different times in my life, I went on crazy low fat and unhealthy diets and the first thing I noticed was dull, lackluster skin plus fine lines and wrinkles on my face. I realized early on that if you are not feeding your body with healthy oils and nutrients, your face is going to pay the price.

The most important Anti-aging tip, in my opinion, is to feed your face every day with greens, colorful vegetables, healthy oils, berries, whole grains,...all the good stuff that fuels your body, will also keep your skin young and healthy. Good skin care matters a lot but nutrition trumps skin care products.

Just for fun, take a selfie today. Every day for a month add a little extra healthy fat and a handful of colorful veggies and greens and then take another photo and place them side by side. I am 100% certain you'll see a difference in your skin.

If you want to receive a fun gift from me, post your before and after photo on your IG and tag KMSKIN. I want to see the difference! Happy, healthy eating.

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